Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Peter Baskerville

I have always started my business with an analysis on my own passion, skills, experience-honed capabilities, my special market intelligent and insights, my access key inimitable resources and partnership, and my timely unique positioning to then a opportunity that best matched the collective value of these resources to eventually secure the position in the market that gave me that "unfair sustainable advantage".  

Entrepreneurs in particular situations may think differently when faced with a different task.  The way the entrepreneur think is quite unique and it is this unique that earns them the tag of being entrepreneurial.  

These are the factor that I believe make entrepreneurs entrepreneurial and identifies the mindset that helps explain how they think:

Entrepreneurs think incessantly
There in no Turn OFF button in the entrepreneur's mind.  They are incessantly curious, opportunistic and optimistic.  They train their mind to problem solve every issue that cross their path.  Every person their meet is the potential resource just like what been stated in effectuate process starts with what one has (who they are, what they know and whom they know) these are selects among possible outcomes, and in every problem their encounter they seek a solution and every change they look for the new opportunity potentially.  

Entrepreneurial thinking embraces risk
While many money makers implement risk avoidance strategies to create wealth, the entrepreneur knows that opportunities are more likely to exist for them by embracing and managing risk rather than simply avoiding it.  It is in this risky area that established player avoid, that contain gold nugget opportunities.  Entrepreneur need to have this risk management to overcome the problem that been predicted to happen.  

Entrepreneurs think in pattern or adaptable
Pattern help entrepreneurs to see the opportunity and predict the future with this it can produce innovation that most people miss. Entrepreneur engaged to the process of generating multiple decision frameworks focused on sensing and processing changes in their environments and then acting them. Then the entrepreneur will apply the concept and pattern of this new innovation to the world as yet unseen. 

Learn from failure
Failure is particularly common among entrepreneurial firms because the newness is that the source of an opportunity is also a source of uncertainty and changing conditions.  The most common failure is insufficient experience. However, learn from the mistake because it will provide you more experience and if it happen again you know what to do.   

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