Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Please Adopt Me Part 2

Let me introduce myself, my name is Durian, because don't know, hahahahhahahaaa, i'm black and white in color, some people called me hitler, because of my face, sometime, sweety, sometime, sleeply, because my lovely hobby, is sleep almost 24 hours, however, people adore me so much...
Durian is My NAME

Sleeping is MY HOBBY

I don't care about my position on sleeping

I'm bored so i watch tv with my boss
This is me, i'm black and white, kekekekekekekeekeeke i love to eat steam fish, it's my favourite, and ocean tuna or chicken kekekekekekekeke....Do adopt me, ladies and gentlemen. I'm kinda troublemaker too, it's a nature you and I can't deny it. The only thing you can't deny is I'm way too cute....@.@


  1. kucing ni masih ada? wtspp sy cpt d 017-8192325 sb sy plukan kucing. area tuaran. sy rndu kucing sy yg dbuang oleh bapa sy