Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh My, HouseMates Problem Again (Part 1)

Seriously, I prefer to live alone, however you still a student and you cannot afford to live by yourself.  Sabah house rent fully furnish is beyond student affordability, cheapest is RM800 if you can find one, unless your daddy is rich then you have no problem.  If you can't pay then no choice rent a house with others too.  
     There are budget room for student however, it will not give satisfaction to you.  Human are made unique, each one is different, especially women, these are those people including me which is hard to be understand off and sometime kinda make you piss, or it's only me who think that way.  
     Let me tell you a story of mine, last time I rent a house with other three of my friends.  I call my friend that I know from Sabah to find a house for me.  And YES, he got one for me fully furnish with two room and one toilet.  At that time for me two room? Ah, ok as long as I got a house.  Agree, with payment of RM1000 per month.  
     As I landed with other two members, we directly when to the house that we agree on an meet the owner and signed the contract.  I'm happy, my life is great until that night, my friend stated that she want to quit from her study.  I was like what the hack, just go to sleep, however she looked really damn serious when she talked about it.  So, I give her the advise, you don't this, you don't that lah sis.  Then she listened then she go back to sleep.  
     Three o'clock in the morning suddenly, someone knock our door.  One of my friend open the door, for no reason because she likely know the voice, it was my friend who fetch us at the air port.  With salam, He said you are really careless you just drop your purse near the rubbish area.  My friend like What! No way.  search seriously into the purse lucky nothing is missing.  
     So, my friend ask him, why you are wondering here during the night.  He said, he got a bad feeling so he came and take a look, since this is the first time that we are in this kind of situation, and not really know how's the environment here.  My friend who found the purse kinda piss about my friend who just been careless.  Settle the talk, she when to my room and let me listen to her complain again.  One more time I said to her this and that advise. So she continue her beauty sleep and same goes to me.  
     The next day is cleaning day, tough life, the three of us, had to perform this ritual if not, we started to hate each other.  hahahahhahahahahaha however, at this first point we increase our 1% of hate to our friend who been so childish and lazy because making the three of us working.  Yeah 1% increase however it will be easily be forgetful.    
Cleaning process at the front door
Cleaning process at the toilet, yeah toilet cleaning WAJIB!
     This story just don't end here I will continue it later.  Got to go study!!!

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